Product Development

Apollo Beverages offers turnkey solutions that includes product and flavor development, package development, marketing, and sales focus. We can take a product from concept to on the shelf quickly while assisting in working through the process of government approvals on formulas and labels.

Branded, Private label and Licensed Products

We have experience with branded, private label and licensed products and the expertise to customize beverage programs accordingly. As consumers become more savvy in the beverage category and look for more quality and value, many new opportunities exist in the adult beverage category. Apollo Beverages applies new school technology with old school experience in developing products in the marketplace that sell!


Based on Apollo Beverages strong relationship with national retail as well as restaurant chains we know the needs of the customer and will selectively represent specific brands of products that meet these needs. We are much less concerned about “making a number” than we are about doing what is right for our customers and at the end of the supply chain the consumer. We are selective on who we work with for a reason.